Our Coaches

Qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable coaches who will help you crush your fears and set new limits. 


Renee Browne

Director - Coach - Trainer and Motivator

  • Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • Sports power coach level 1 - Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Kettle bell certified
  • Black Dragon Kai Martial Arts Purple Belt
  • Black Dragon Kai Muay Thai - Assistant Trainer

I may not lift the heaviest or run as fast an elite athlete, but I sure as hell train like someone who can. And that’s the best part because YOU CAN TOO!! It’s not about trying to be like, or better than, someone else, it’s about you; you and the clock, the barbell, the pavement, your emotions, your psyche; going hard and getting it done. And afterwards knowing that YOU are a machine and can do anything!!

I’ve always had reasonably physical jobs but I certainly didn’t partake in any structured exercise until after the birth of my daughter. I took a gentle approach with aqua aerobics, which I loved, and then discovered running and working out with my partner while on a family holiday to the Gold Coast, leading me to join Curves, a women’s only gym utilising resistance based machines. These days I’m smashing out reps with barbells and kettlebells, Olympic lifting, tearing apart vicious workouts, and training Muay Thai and martial arts.   

But I haven’t always been in this space. After years of battling depression and using various meds I quickly discovered exercise to be the most effective medication of all, enabling me to ween myself off and, soon after, kick the meds for good. Let’s be clear, I need to exercise. Exercise is my best defence in the battle against depression. And it is exactly that – a battle. And some days it wins but, for me, exercise keeps it restrained. Exercise is great stress relief and it makes me feel good. I love being able to do things I never thought possible.

Jason Schomberg

Director - Coach - Martial Arts Instructor

  • Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • Sports power coach level 1 - Australian Weightlifting Federation
  • Black Dragon Kai Martial Arts 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Black Dragon Kai Muay Thai Kru - 1st Kahn
  • Anderson Bushi Kai 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Undergoing Bachelor Degree in Clinical Exercise Science
  • Sports Medicine Australia Advanced Taping
  • Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainer Level 1

I'm an experienced martial arts instructor and personal trainer with a focus on technical skills coaching. I've competed in triathlons, cycling road racing, have fought in boxing, muay thai and karate and played rugby union and masters AFL. 

My motivation is coaching people to be able to do things they'd never thought possible. Nothing beats hard work and dedication. With that said, some of us are gifted with natural predispositions to be able to move well, and efficiently, and utilise those skills and abilities to become Champions and heroes and inspire us all. Not everyone can be Champions in sporting/athletic endeavours, BUT, each and every one of us has an ability to test and push our own limits, do extraordinary things, and become the very best version of ourselves we can be. And in that pursuit you will inspire, motivate and probably be a hero to those around you without even knowing it.